Secure On-line ordering from Arrow Records™


Paypal is our preferred method of processing credit card transactions. It is easy to use, very secure and with 100 million accounts worldwide, it is one of the most trusted payment methods on the internet.

You can use PayPal to buy CD’s online from Arrow Records™ using either your credit card or your PayPal account. You do not have to join Paypal to process your payment through them. PayPal does not share your credit card information with us.

When your transaction is completed, Paypal will send us an e-mail to let us know that you have paid. We then ship your CD’s with 24 hours. All CD’s are $12.95 + $7.95 S/H in Canadian dollars.

You can also purchase CDs from our Shopping Cart with more payment options.

It's A MysteryIt’s A MysteryA Christmas WishA Christmas WishAcoustic CaféAcoustic CaféVisionary WorldVisionary World
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