Media Reviews

“There was obviously a lot of love and patience put into this recording(It’s a Mystery). It is one of those CD’s you play when trying to relax after a strenuous day, but find yourself concentrating on the melodies and the musicianship. A touch of latin here, some light funk (listen to From Now On) and a general feeling of world music, jazz, and folk – all combined to make for a very rich reward.”
Hal Hill
Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada Magazine
“A smooth sophisticated instrumental set featuring accomplished performances from Rousseau on flute and Carlton on guitar.”
Christopher Jones
SOCAN‚ Words & Music
So, it is not surprising that “It’s a Mystery” has won a broad recognition from the listeners. Here, I have to say only one thing: listen to “It’s a Mystery” and plunge into a lacy stream of soft harmonies, played by extraordinary musicians.”
Serge Kozlovsky
The Jazz Magazine, Republic of Belarus, Minsk
“If there ever was an album to elicit strong emotion and vivid image, “It’s a Mystery” is the one. From the first intensely romantic sounds of “Your Sweet Smile,” bringing to mind candlelit dinners and moonlit walks, to the playful melodies of ” So in Love,” where the delicate, effortless notes of Rousseau’s flute winds adoringly in and about the clear, rhythmic notes of Carlton’s nylon stringed guitar, listeners are captivated by music that must surely have been inspired by some heavenly muse.”
Karen Roman
The Weekly Chronicle
Lorraine Rousseau & Robert Carlton’s music is made for dreaming, writing, thinking and loving. Each song compliments the next and as promised, creates artistic pictures in music to produce your Visionary World.
RJ Lannan
New Age Reporter
“It’s a Mystery is an apt title for this enchanting and engaging collection of songs from guitarist Robert Carlton and flutist Lorraine Rousseau. It is a mystery to me why music as disarming, pretty, and accessible as this is not getting airplay on adult contemporary and smooth jazz stations in droves. I have now embraced the fact that smooth jazz as a viable format is here to stay for a while. But, admitting that, why can’t stations find music as easy to listen to as this very pleasing recording? It’s a mystery, indeed.
Bill Binkelman
Wind & Wire
“Wonderful Christmas time… Lorraine Rousseau and Robert Carlton help us to feel the magic and mystery of Christmas time. These two very talented musicians first met in 1982 at the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto, Canada). After realizing that they have many similar interests, connected with music and beyond, Rousseau and Carlton started their perfect artistic and family duet. Since that time they successfully took part in more than 900 concerts, festivals and television appearances, and in 1997 released their debut album named, “It’s a Mystery” which has won a real success among a great number of listeners. In “A Christmas Wish” their second album, the artists decided to give their vision of traditional Christmas carols. This task was not so easy – many brilliant musicians have paid their tribute to beautiful Christmas music. Still Rousseau and Carlton brilliantly succeeded in making a new form of presenting traditional Christmas songs
Alexander Petrov
The Jazz Magazine, Minsk