Radio Reviews

“What an incredible transformation in your music on this album (Visionary World)! Actually, it’s more like you both have evolved to a higher plane. Such a sunny sound, exciting arrangements, and the best melodies ever.”
Renee Gelpi, Galaxie CBC Digital Radio

“It’s no mystery to me why Lorraine Rousseau & Robert Carlton are so popular. After a long day they provide a musical retreat for our listeners on Lights Out Edmonton.”
Randy Marshall, Music Director, AM880 CHQT, Edmonton, Alberta

“Visionary World, was in the top 20 on my June and NAR report. Congratulations on a great CD with a great cover”
Tyra Phipps ~ WFWM

“It’s a Mystery is a wonderful album. When you want to escape the everyday pressures of life, It’s a Mystery will definitely supply you with a one-way ticket to peace of mind…and I’m pleased to be able to offer this to our listeners! Rousseau & Carlton’s music is soothing and inspiring.”
Michael Bennett, Music Director, CKSL-AM, London, Ontario

“You can’t help but feel you are taking a musical journey through a world of unique sounds when you listen to Rousseau and Carlton’s new release, It’s a Mystery. The emotion you get from the CD is like jumping into a sea of tranquility and cooling off from a hot summer day with lush melodies, thoughtful interpretations and compelling compositions. The CD is perfect for any mood. New Age and Contemporary Jazz music lovers alike will enjoy the album, as it has something for both tastes. Rousseau and Carlton are indeed the next Tingstad and Rumbel or Speer and Lanz in terms of how well they compliment each others playing. The chemistry between them just works. Be sure to check out the tracks From Now On, Your Sweet Smile and So In Love and let us know what you think.”
Frank Macek, Host of Sunday Soundscapes on 107.3FM, WNWV, The Wave, Cleveland, Ohio

“Fantastic phone response! It’s a Mystery is definitely a piece of our permanent library.”
KTYM Inglewood, California

“I congratulate Rousseau & Carlton on a superior recording. We have received a very enthusiastic response from both our listeners and our announcers.”
Wendy Duff, 580 Memories CKWW, Windsor, Ontario

“Wonderful listener response. If you haven’t checked this one…don’t pass it up.”
KWXX Hilo, Hawaii

“Perfect for this format…soft, melodic, enjoyable!”
Christopher W. Albright, WTUL

“Outstanding debut! Precision playing of vivid melodies.”
Renee Gelpi, DJ Celebration Starsong CIUT-FM, Toronto, Ontario

“Great variety. Rousseau & Carlton catch the smooth vibe of NAC. “From Now On” is a necessity on everyone’s playlist!”
KCHA Charles City, Indiana

“A truck full of talent. If your listeners love Kenny G and Dave Koz there’s no reason why Rousseau & Carlton shouldn’t be on your playlist.
”Bill Dean, Music Director, 102.3FM The Wave, Nanaimo, B.C.

“This is a great instrumental album, we look forward to the next one.”
George Walker, Music Director, CKOT-FM Tillsonburg, Ontario