It's A Mystery
It's A Mystery
A Christmas Wish
A Christmas Wish
Instrumental Music CD - Acoustic Café
Acoustic Café
Instrumental Music CD - Visionary World
Visionary World

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Welcome to Arrow Records

Arrow Records is a unique, artist-owned record label established in 1990. It is owned and operated by its only artists, Lorraine Rousseau & Robert Carlton. Arrow Records produces one-of-a-kind instrumental music CDs that feature the melodic sound of flute and guitar.

After being involved in the music industry since 1982 as full time musicians performing at over 160 special events each year, we felt it was time for a change in musical direction.

The idea for creating Arrow Records began after many years of performing. We wanted to artistically fulfill our dream of composing and recording our own original instrumental CDs. Arrow Records was created to release our own CDs and bring our music to an even wider audience. In conjunction with Arrow Records, we also established our publishing company, Anjali Music.

As artists on all of our recordings, we have composing, recording, performing and producing credits. As producers of the Arrow Records releases and to stay true to our uncompromising dedication to quality, we hire some of the best studios, sound engineers, mastering facilities, arrangers, musicians, and graphic designers.

We have full artistic control over our creative mission – to offer the highest quality, original, acoustic instrumental music, that includes original cover art. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service to our public in order to foster long term relationships of value without compromising our standards of quality or personal ethics.

The company’s other functions include website design, handling all business, marketing and legal administrative functions, supplying wholesale support to retailers and distributors, providing a variety of purchase options to our worldwide customers.

Arrow Records also offers custom cd packages for private and corporate gifts.

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